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This links users to a wiki-page - remember, they have to fill out this page themselves!

Warning: This patch alters the user's name by storing a direct HTML link within the name string itself. If only used for displaying, this is not an issue – however, it will break dokuwiki if the $INFO['user'] text is used for any other purpose (tested for access via auth_aclcheck, for example)! I ran into this problem while trying to integrate the safely include php code patch together with this patch, using dokuwiki-2005-09-22. - Mike Tedder @ 2006/1/6

Changes: (dokuwiki-2005-02-18)

  • add this in file inc/common.php after line 153
    $revinfo['user']   = '<a href="./doku.php?id=wiki:users:'.$revinfo['user'].'">'.$revinfo['user'].'</a>'; 
    • This adds a link in the username shown in “Last modified” to point to the users wiki-page.
  • add this in file conf/interwiki.conf
    user            ./doku.php?id=wiki:users:{URL}
  • change $conf['signature'] to something like
    ' --- //[[user>@USER@|@NAME@]] @DATE@//'

Changes: (dokuwiki-2005-05-07)

  • change the line 422 in inc/template.php to
        print $lang['loggedinas'].': '.'<a href="./doku.php?id=wiki:users:'.$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'].'">'.$INFO['userinfo']['name'].'</a>';
    • Thats for “Logged in as:”- link
  • add this somewhere in inc/common.php, after line 70 (it's in the if-clause!)
          $revinfo['user']   = '<a href="./doku.php?id=wiki:users:'.$revinfo['user'].'">'.$revinfo['user'].'</a>';
    • Thats for the editor part
  • add this in file conf/interwiki.conf
    user            ./doku.php?id=wiki:users:{URL}

Changes: (patch based)


Alexander Krause

Alexander Krause 2005/05/22 17:56

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