An 8031/8051 assembler by Ken Stauffer and Theo Deraadt which produces a variety of object code output formats.

It's the modified as31, i've mentioned in my EZ-USB pages.

I wrote to Paul Stoffregen already, with the please to update his as31 build - without success :-(.

Thats why this page exists ;-).

The as31 is also in my local portage, useful for gentoo.

Version 2.3.1

Version 2.3.0

  • March 09, 2005 Martin Langer
    • automake instead of static makefile (adds .configure script)
    • new command line options
      • version output
      • output to a file
      • help
    • code cleanups
    • some other changes ;-)

Version 2.2.1

  • May 18, 2004 Martin Langer
    • fixing some visible bugs - this adds the missing -s option
  • March 2004 Alexander 'E-Razor' Krause
    • removed bug when using more than 1 .inc
    • tmp filename is now as-uid-random
    • remove tmp_file when ready
  • July 2003 added include directive (Bernd Porr)
  • March 2001 fix crash with srecord format
    • command line version returns non-zero on error
  • April 2000 fix filename handling
    • convert everything to ANSI C and bison
    • properly handle 0b0h as hex 0xB0, not binary 0
    • Make most errors into warning, and modify parser
    • to recover and continue to the end of the file
    • so that all warning are shown.
  • Sept 1995 bug fixes, add obsure option for cgi
  • Late 1994 Paul Stoffregen updates the code
  • Jan. 30, 1990 Theo played here.
  • Jan. 19, 1990 Created. (Ken Stauffer).





devel-repository (darcs)

latest changes

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