What it is

Hexload is yet another tool for uploading firmware to small devices, its goals are:

  • memory effective
  • fast
    • merging of intel-hex records and making use of buffers
  • small
    • the hexload binary is about 20k in size
  • modular
    • use custom loaders for different devices

The program is devided into 2 parts, the main executable, which reads command line parameters and the firmware, and the so called loader, a modul that pumps the data into our device.

You can browse the whole folder.



The newest build is also in my local portage, usefull when using gentoo.

Loader Example

Source of the test- loader:

Unable to display file "http://darcs.erazor-zone.de/hexload/loaders/test.c": It may not exist, or permission may be denied.


existing loaders



www.erazor-zone.de_ez_projects_ftdi_avr-spi.jpg Programming of AVR- devices via SPI by using the bit-banging mode of an USB-ftdi-UART chip (USB 2 serial converter).

The programmer isn't that fast (nearly 1kBytes per second) but quite flexible (parallel programming is possible too) and tiny (about 10x15mm).

Thats my first loader, it also provides some header files for implementing SPI- programming for other interfaces.

Look here:

Unable to display file "http://darcs.erazor-zone.de/hexload/loaders/avr/avr-spi.c": It may not exist, or permission may be denied.


devel-repository (darcs)

lastest changes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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