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In short: it integrates the roll-over effect from http://www.jsfx.com in gallery2.


  • Go to your gallery2-dir:
$> cd gallery 
  • Copy the matrix-folder to jsfxmatrix:
$> cp layouts/matrix/ layouts/jsfxmatrix/
  • Now enter the jsfx-dir:
$> cd  layouts/jsfxmatrix/
  • Apply the matrix2jsfxmatrix.patch that changes *matrix to jsfxmatrix and adds some <script>-tags to our html-templates:
$> patch -p1 < matrix2jsfxmatrix.patch 
  • btw, you can change the values for fading if you want, and well, maybe there is someone whos smart enough to add these values somewhere in the gallery as a setting.


 <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> 
     JSFX.FadeElemMinOpacity = 70; 
     JSFX.FadeElemAutoUp      = 5; 
     JSFX.FadeElemAutoDown   = 10; 
  • Download the jsfx-script:
$> wget http://www.jsfx.com/development/elemfader/javascript/JSFX_ElemFader.js
  • Ok, we've to tell the jsfx-script what elements to use, thats happening by using class=“elemFader”, fortunately our thumbnails don't have a class yet, i've used the parameter in layouts/jsfxmatrix/templates/albumBody.tpl:97, but we've to use it too.
    So it's necessary to add something to the imageframe-module:


 class="$class" id="IFid`$IF_count`"}{/if}{if
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